A Time to Love – Love Yourself

Perhaps, we should love ourselves so fiercely, that when others see us they know exactly how it should be done.

– Rudy Francisco –


Love Your Neighbors as You Love Yourself

Today, I want to turn your focus on loving yourself. Soon we have the Valentine. If we want to share the love with others and get it from others, we must love ourselves first. We can start today so we have more to give tomorrow!

 This is the message that I have had to learn, that is why I am repeating it here. For some reason, when we were children, we were taught: Love your neighbour ( and forget the rest of the sentence, it is selfish! )

What Happens When You Love Your Neighbor and Forget Yourself?

Unfulfilled needs lead to the misery. I felt that I was a donkey walking after a carrot she never gets.

Finally, I decided to take action for to get the carrot – or even better: one million carrots or as many as I can achieve – most likely from the other direction than where they tried to take me. And I was not going to ask a permit for it from anyone!

How has the order ”Love your neighbour and forget yourself” functioned well in your life?



The First Step to Freedom is to Love Yourself First

It is said in the Bible: ”… AS yourself.” It means that you MUST love yourself FIRST. There is no other option!
In my journey to the ultimate freedom, my first task was to find out: What does it mean to ”love myself?” What should I do? How should I behave and treat myself – and then others?

What I know is, that I took the first actions on the way to love myself when I quit my job and decided to take my life into my own hands. That was the most loving action that I had done in my life, and I felt better immediately.


I feel also that I am increasingly a better person to others than before.




What if I Don’t Love Myself?

Signs that you must do something for to improve your self-love:  You do all the possible mistakes that take the quality of your life down and live unhappily.

You might accuse other people and society, bad weather and whatever is outside you, about your problems. You ran after love you’ll never find (with the method you’re using now) because you run away from yourself! You don’t earn enough money. You do as much work and even better work than your workmates, but your salary is stuck, down, in the bottom. Your sky is mostly cloudy because you can not see the sun behind the clouds. For some reason, you think that the rhythm of the Universe and all other badness in the world is your fault. And in a way, it is, with that attitude!

You waste your energy – which is the time, money and emotional energy – for useless things, events and people and don’t let yourself shine. Instead of growing, increasing and expanding, instead of using the talents you have got as a gift, for to be used, you diminish yourself, feel self-pity and miserable. You attract all kind of mishaps into your life.

Then, you wish that your neighbour get the same treatment, and you are jealous, envy and unhappy when they just go on, smiling! Happy! Enthusiastic! In Love!

If you have even a hint about what you would like to be happier, I recommend that you start to learn how to love yourself – now. (Start to follow the Law of Action right away!) You have one week time until Valentine’s day! When you love yourself you might even meet someone who really really loves you, instead of playing the cat and mouse-games with you!



And How Things Change When I Love Myself?

Write the opposite of everything I wrote in the previous chapter. Except, that your neighbour is even happier than before. He might have even a bigger and more expensive car than you have and it does not bother you at all!

What Does It Mean To Love Yourself Unconditionally

Real love is unconditional. What does THAT mean? I should love and accept ALL what “I am”.
The great help on my journey to love myself has been the books and videos of Louise Hay, especially the book Mirror Work. It works! I can recommend it!

Abraham Hicks gave me finally understanding what means ”unconditional love”. It means that you stay aligned with yourself whatever the other person is. Unconditional love means that you don’t give your power to others. You take the responsibility and care of how you feel in any conditions. You don’t give that responsibility to other people like: ”You make me happy.” No: it is you who make you happy or unhappy.

I am so happy and grateful that you are in my life!

I am so happy and grateful that you are in my life – but it is not you who makes me happy!
I am so happy and grateful that I am who I am! You don’t have to make me happy! Just be happy yourself and don’t expect me to make you happy!

This ideal has been a bit complicated thing to learn, especially with certain people. I bet it is a lifetime work.

When the self-love has become a habit, I think that I have more to give to others.

I must also know who I am so that I know whom to love!

The cause to love yourself has an effect and you can read about it in the page the Law of Cause and Effect.

I wish you all a gorgeous weekend!


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