The Purpose Is To Be Free – Awakening

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep balance, you must keep moving. – Albert Einstein

But my bike waits in the garage for a ride. The bike is still, unused and sad. It was meant to move forward! It was meant to be used! It wanted to fulfil its purpose!

I have scraped some spare time from my obligations for jogging. I am sweating! I breathe deeply! Is this 15 minutes in the Sunday evening, right before the sunset, my life, my life’s purpose, all the fun I can get in my life? I feel to cry!

The blue dusk of the early Autumn evening is falling over the silent path. I hear sand crackling smoothly under my sneakers and blackbirds soft cooing. Next morning my job is waiting. I’m ready to work for other people’s goals. By the evening I come back home, half-dead, before going to sleep, and if I am lucky, I visit some of my hobbies for few hours. There must be some misunderstanding in this all! The life cannot be like this! There must be something WHY I live!

The Jogging Path in the August evening. Tali, Finland. Photo: Sanna Lahti 2014.

What is the life purpose? Have you thought what is yours? I have felt that this has been a difficult question to answer, especially when I’ve been stuck. You might feel that you have no purpose at all. I felt so. I didn’t have any purpose, and I had buried my desires about love and life a long time ago. I was just doing things that I thought I should do. I felt miserable.

Sometimes your purpose in life pops up in your obstacles or blockages. Some people might have experienced tremendous sorrow and setbacks in their lives, or they have recovered from cancer or other physical damages. They want to dedicate their lives to help other people to get over these obstacles. Some rich people have had struggles about money in their family when they have been young. When they have reached their wealth, they want to teach other people to find their potential and become prosperous as well! Numerous mentors and teachers in the world work for this purpose. Some people feel empty despite their prosperity, give up their property and go to do volunteers to help less fortunate people. Some people know this call already when they are young.

I used to put myself in places and situations where expressing the personal freedom and creativity was quite a bit limited. At one workplace, the bosses convinced us that the character of our labour is that we can not say, do or almost even think anything without asking a promise. We have a good and safe job. We all can be happy about it! We get the salary every month, and our work takes care of us in many ways. What they explained, was in a way true. However, my heart did not resonate with this message at all.

I looked at my bosses blue, earnest eyes while they were talking. In a second I got the clear message, awareness: I must do exactly the OPPOSITE! I must think my thoughts. At the minimum, I must choose the thoughts I want to think. I need to write and create beautiful things without asking a permit for my existence! I must be able to breathe freely!

This kind of sudden insights some and then made me decide that my life’s purpose most likely is to gain and express the personal freedom in all ways I can; emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially. Me, myself, I am my boss. I have finally right to live and work for my goals in life. Maybe later, I can also find other purposes for my existence but right now, to gain personal freedom is my aim in life. Money must follow and come to me – not that I run after money!

The inspiration for my new style of life was so compelling that I had no other choices any more than to follow my instincts. The monthly salary got the second foothold in my mind. I decided to dig up my passions from the tomb, take the reins of my life in my hands and become happier. I decided to change EVERYTHING in my life for the better, whatever it means!

Berlin Wall Memorial. On the free side: Bernauerstraße. Photo: Sanna Lahti 2017.

Oh boy! I did not know what changing everything in my life means! That all has little by little revealed to me. First of all, I wanted to get fresh air into my thoughts! I just wanted out from old patterns. I wanted that intuitively and then, suddenly, I understood that I not alone in the world want to change one’s life! I felt that I was like the Sleeping Beauty who wakes up after 100 years!

Yes, it must have been the evil fairy that put us asleep for millennia, and now we are awakening! The evil fairy programmed us to believe in the given systems. We so often expect, without question, that we hear or see a clear truth. So easily we trust hearsays, which are just opinions or even only rumours! Even more ironical: we quickly adopt what other people – those who don’t even know us – say about us, about our needs, wants, what we should do, be and think!

However, we’re freer than we can imagine. We’re free to choose who we want to be and feel, what we want to experience in life, what we want to see, hear, taste and touch. It is up to ourselves, and only to us, what we DECIDE and BELIEVE to be and do. We’re free even from the domination of our genes, as Dr Bruce Lipton had proved! What fantastic news!

The occupation we choose is not the life’s purpose.  The meaning of life is deeper than that. Often we just choose the occupation that supports the best our life’s purpose, but basically, you can serve other people and fulfil you life’s goals in thousands of ways! One of the everyone’s life purpose is to be free. We’re free. We all are, indeed, free. Respect ourselves, others and the law – and create the life we want. We’re free. We just have to understand it and then learn to utilise our freedom wisely!

 But what it is and how to do it? That is another story, and I ponder it in my future blog posts.

Sheeps in Sardinia. Photo: Sanna Lahti 2016.

When you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

– Mark Twain

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