The Law Of Vibration

Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates. He who understands the Principle of Vibration, had grasped the scepter of Power.” – The Kybalion-

When I was younger, in the 80’s, me and my friends used to talk to each others when something nice had happened: ”I have good vibrations about him / this situation!”

Everyone just talked like that. It meant that the presence of this person or the situation felt good. We had not idea about the Law of Vibration or the Law of Attraction, not to mention that some scientist would some day seriously talk about it! The word “vibration” was more or less a joke.

Let The Sunshine Vibrate In Your Life!

The Law Of Vibration is the Mother-Law to the Law of Attraction. Things, events and people who vibrates in the identical frequency, attract each others. Like attracts alike.

This knowledge gives us the wonderful tool to know what is going on in our lives, and take the power to have some control of it.

Now we know that if we wake up and feel bad, and if we don’t do something to make us feel better, most likely the day will not go so well. It is recommended to meditate, to write a gratitude-list or to do or think something that starts your day brilliantly, because it is how you start your day, affects what you’ll attract that day if you can not somehow change your moods and emotions in the middle of the day.

Thoughts and feelings have their own vibrational energy. Your feeling at the present moment dictates your vibration. It is said that feeling is a word to define conscious awareness of vibration. So, your feeling at the moment is your vibration you are in which sets up things of like nature. (source)

Thoughts Turn To Things

Thoughts turn to things when you are in the same frequency with the thing you think about.

The knowledge of the Law of Vibration and the Law of Attraction gives us the power to create our life. The challenge is to manage our emotions. The happenings and people outside us won’t always function as we like, and they naturally can trigger all kind of feelings in us.

The Law of Vibration is usefull when we learn to utilise our higher faculties: reason, perception, memory, will, intuition and imagination. We must also develop our sklls to focus and gain self-discipline, especially how we choose our thoughts and actions.

Finally, we must take plain ACTION for to be able to see the man or woman our dreams, our castle or the wonderful job – whatever is our dream and goal! There is the Law of Action and the Law of Cause and Effect, too, and they are as powerful as the Law of Attraction.

Without action, there is no results.

Two Success Stories About Manifested Matters

Some days ago I went to the grocery just before it was closing its doors. I had to get cat food for my cats! If I had to wait till the morning I’d have a restless night! (Cause and Effect…)

I turned my thoughts fast to the preferred solution: I saw myself coming back from the grocery, the can in my bag, my cats happily at home when they get the food they like. I also thought, because it was just a few minutes before closing, that the staff might tell to me to turn around. I said to myself: ”I have it! The can is mine!” I saw in my mind, how I tell to the stuff that it takes only one second to buy one can.

I went to the grocery, the door was still open. I walked fast to the shell where the cat food is and took the can. A staff came to me and said that I have to leave, they are closing. I said that I have only this one can, I am just going.

 I walked home, the can in my bag.  At home, my cats were very happy – as I had imagined!

Is it this easy? I did not even meditate one minute or visualize many weeks for this out coming: I did the visualzation during my ten minutes way to the grocery!

Well: I want also bigger things to come to me this easily!

When The Law Of Attraction Took Me In Berlin

I have utilized the Law of Attraction in my life even I did not know about it so much. Usually I utilized it in the crises. I did not understand that I could use the system to create my whole life!

Anyway: my flat is exactly as I dreamed about before I moved. This was the first and only apartment I even came to see from Finland to Berlin – and it was it. I got it even there were many who wanted it. Of course: it was for me!

There are many things around me that tells me what I have thought a lot in the past. For example, one of my last works I did in my workplace was to plan the big hospital area. When I moved to Berlin, I did not investigated my future surroundings so far that I had paid attention on it. I just saw big buildings here everywhere, I did not know what is their purpose.

I must say that after settling down it was amazing to realize that there is a big hospital area right behind the corner!

I practiced mindfulness in Finland. Here, near me in my new place, they opened a mindfulness-meditation place called NOW. Also, when I look out from my windows, opposite me there is a cosy restaurant ”Neumond.” Yes, I understood the name after I moved; The New Moon.

Of course: my hobby is astrology! Of course there is a New Moon – and also the Full Moon – it is the name of the hotel of the restaurant!

 I had just before moving taken the course of how to interpret the Lunar return -maps!

I moved to the big city but after all, I have attracted all things I need and love in the walkaway distance from me. Not to mention the Calligaris-design shop! I had bought a Calligaris dinner table and chairs in Finland and I love them as I love Calligaris -design in general. Of course, they came into my neighbor!

So, I could settle down quite comfortably to my new environment: everything I love, was here, even the birds singing! I did not expected to have it here, in the middle of the big city, so it was a great bonus! And it is so amazing that everything just comes to me here!

This placement must be vibrationally my place!

I also think that it was not me who left my job: it was the Law Of Attraction that kicked me out from the place that did not vibrated with me in harmony anymore.