Thank You!

Gratitude is good for the health, as good as the exercise. Some time ago, I decided to take a short Thanks Giving Walk on Monday Mornings, for to begin my week with Gratitude. I look around and seek for all the abundance that surrounds us! I write short notes about what is in my mind.
Here, I share it with you!

Thank You!

Thank you for the past!
Finally, I see it as a part of my path.

Thank you for the present!
I love to be where I am,
and to see where I am going!

I love the clarity.

I love when the sun shines,
I love when it rains.
I love big bold street trees,
I love pavements’ grey, reddish and yellowish
granite stones!

I love children’s noises on the playgrounds
and the happy dogs who run freely
by the side of their owners.

I love Torstraße in the summer
when it’s colourful and lively;
and in the autumn
when it is falling asleep;
and in the winter
when it is desolate and windy;
and in the spring when it is wakening up
for the New Life again!

I love my fantastic friendly neighbours. I love my cats.
I love my family.
I love my home, in Berlin.