Did You Set Goals Or Make New Year’s Resolutions?

It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.

If you did not stop smoking in the past year – well: you have not failed. Just continue the process until you have done it! The calendar does not determinate your victory or failure – it is YOU who evaluate it.

A month ago, one circle of time reached its end – according to the calendar time – and the new era began. During the past year, I have written eight diaries (or journals), each about 250 pages, size A5 (European). Yes, I have written eight books in 2017 and they all are in my private library. I have written journals since I learned to write and all my books are in the store!

I was ten years old when I started and all those books are in my storage! I can look, what kind of a person I was when I was ten years old! I can look what I thought when I was 30 years old. I can look what I felt when I got my daughter. It all is authentic. I did not write any word to please someone. I wrote what I felt.

Evaluating Goals And Dreams

I looked what I wrote a year ago. Well, I see that my goals and dreams have not changed a bit. I still have the same goals and dreams than a year ago. They might have got forward, but they are not accomplished yet.

So, I do not make any new year’s resolutions: I continue on my present path until it is done. 

Even this is sometimes frustrating, I know that the Universe does not deliver things to us when we want it to happen. The Universe delivers everything when it is the right time!

 But the goal is the goal and it does not change! When the goal is the same then your life’s purpose, it is worth waiting to get fulfilled.

And So What?

I am slow but persistent in achieving my goals and especially this goal. The goals I set for myself last year, were old already. I have had the same goals for a long time! In 2014 my goal was to change EVERYTHING in my life and I am still on my way! I have changed some things but not everything, yet. I do not even know yet what are all those things I have to change.

The difference now compared to last year is, that I am more certain about that what I want is right for me and that is really what I want. Clarity is really a nice thing in life. To gain some sort of clarity in life is not so simple! It is also a goal: to reach clarity!
When I set the goal that I want to change everything, that included goals as “attaining clarity, increasing self-discipline” etc.

I just realised how the big a work I took for myself in 2014! I committed myself to this change, whatever it means. It has meant already a lot of small details that I was not aware of before.

Why should I make some irrelevant new year resolutions each year, when after all: the life is the wholeness. I want to see the bigger picture. If I did not accomplish my goals this year – ok, I continue accomplishing them this year. I do not have to set different goals for each year, especially, when it is a question about the life’s purpose.

Changing The Habits Takes Time!

In the question of stop smoking or drinking or any bad habits, it does not just stop doing that bad thing! It is a lot more and that is why people ”fail”. When you stop smoking, you must change your behavioural habits. You do not go anymore with others behind the corner in the middle of the working day for to smoke a cigar. And instead of sitting on the bar and drinking ”one beer” after the work you go to the yoga lesson. 

To stop smoking, drinking, eating too much or changing any habit is a BIG CHANGE. To make real changes need knowledge and understanding and repetition – practice!

After all: you are never complete. There is always something to change. Or do you want to be as you were when you were 10-years old?

What I’ve learned on my path: Be patient with yourself and practise self-compassion!