Manage What You Do In Time!

One must work with time and not against it.

– Ursula K. Le Guin –

You can manage only what you do in time. (John Assaraf – How To Do More In Less Time)

  • Have you noticed that people, who have money, also have time?
  • Have you noticed that people who have no time, have little money, too!
  • Have you observed how people who are spenders, also spend their time?
  • Is it possible that people who save their money also save their time?
  • And those who have a balance in their bank account has a balance in their life: the time they use for necessities, play, joy, giving and rest.

Everyone has the same amount of time. You can not manage time.

It is all about HABITS.

Manage Your Habits – Wrong Habits Eat Your Bank Account

Time-consuming habits, like giving myself up to endless and useless conversations, or just complaining, has been a problem for me for how long?

Sometimes I can use time well, and I am happy and then: I am on the bottom again. My bank account follows this track 1:1.

My suggestion is that you make an evaluation how you have used your time in the past year and the result in your bank account. Then see how they correlate! How much you spend your time in the bars? Does it help you to make money? Are you fighting a lot with your family members? Every hour you use for arguing and disharmony is away from your money making time. Rich people do not have time to fight about every small subject. If the conflict is there, they solve them FAST or leave the situation. Then they get ahead. They don’t speculate about irrelevant things days and weeks!

Summary Of The Jar-System

It is said: Time is money. I understand this point especially when I learned that money is energy!
Next is the summary of my post Manage Your Money – Manage Your Financial Freedom. For to manage your money, you share your money in different jars (or accounts):

1) Necessities, 50%-55%
2) (1 or more jars) The Long-Term Savings for Spending Account, together 10%
3) The Financial Freedom Account, 10% (never take away from this account, just add!)
4) Education Account, 10%
5) Play Account, 10% (must spend every month totally)
6) Giving Account, 5%-10%

In the seminar, they said that if you do not have money for the giving-jar – GIVE YOUR TIME!

Manage What You Do In A Millionaire’s Way

Aha! I got an idea! How to apply the jar-system in using my time? What do I get as a result?

We have 24 hours, in every country, in a day. When we out our time in ”jars”, we get the next:

1) Necessities: 50% = 12 hours: Work 8h, 4h for grocery, cleaning, taking children from the school, time that you take to go to work, his kind of “necessities”.
2) I combine savings accounts for sleeping: It makes 5 hours sleep. Do not complain! This is a millionaire formula and as far as I know, many millionaires or richer sleep about 5-6 hours. They wake up early, and they have more hours in a day than those who sleep late!
3) Education: 2,5 hours daily. Imagine, what you can learn in 2,5 hours daily!
4) Play account is for sports, meditation and for your private time: 2,5 hours daily. Fantastic! I call this Pay yourself first! -Time!
5) Even you have already done a lot; you still have 2 hours time to share with your friends, family, or some charity-project.

Let’s go! When I have time, I also have money!

Of course, you can match these times in the weekly or monthly base: maybe you do not take every day time for studies, but take one day course once a month, or something.
And if you want to sleep more than 5 hours, think of from what function you want to take the time away!

In the family, you SHARE the tasks. Successful people do not work alone. They do not do everything themselves. I suppose that in the fortunate family ALL members join to keep the home in peak condition. Single people like me must learn to ask help in other ways for to be successful.

Of course: After you have made your schedule, you then share your actions to 1) critical, 2) urgent, 3) important. You make your critical tasks first and the important last.We have all time and money we need. 

Apply what you know and TAKE ACTION… 🙂