The Law Of Rhythm – The Dance Of Life


Everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Each cycle reflects the regularity of God’s Universe. (source)

The Law of Rhythm means the same that the Bible says: There is a time for love and there is a time for hate. There is a time for everything.

Heartbeat is perhaps the most essential rhythm for people. When we’re excited our heart beats fast and when we have a rest, it slows down. We know it, but we don’t think about it so much! Anyway: we live in the rhythm of our hearbeat. If it does not beat at all, we’re dead. Even in the silence, there is the rhythm of the heartbeat when we are alive!

Rhythm is an important aspect of all arts. Music, dance, visual arts – all they have and need the rythm that the arties choose carefully. The rhythm of colours, lines, tones, contrasts; light and shadow – all of them are functioning in the rhythm.

When I was learning creative writing in the Critical High School in Finland, one thing we learned to observe was the rythm of words, sentances and of all the text! The language has its own rythm – in every country it is a bit different! It might be that my writing “sounds” funny for native English speakers because of many factors. One of them can be the rhythm how I use the language that is not my native language.

Cities are facinating because they definetaly have their own rhythm. Anyone who has travelled know that ther is a different kind of flow in London and in Berlin, in Paris or in Rome. Even the big cities are not the same, they have their own charasteristic rhythm!

Our moods go up and down especially if we have no tools to handle our emotions. We certainly experience periods of times when we are totally happy and then – suddenly – everything change.

Then, we helplessly struggle against the mishaps we’ve got and surprisingly, get more what we don’t want until some ”miracle” turns things again around and we can feel successful again.

These variable eras in life are definitely like the seasons of the nature! And they are the seasons of the lifestream!



There is no doubt that the financial life functions under the Law of Rhythm. I assume that the best financial advisers and professionals know the rhythm of financial and economical world. That is why they can predict what it coming. The best of them also know how to be prepared to get over the economical winter season.

So, even this mystery, how some people can be so clever with the finances, revealed to me when I picked up the Laws of the Universe! What you need to know is to study the basics about money and the history of the rhythm of the conomical life. The rhythm will be repeated and that is why, the better you know the basics and the Laws of the Universe, the better you can predict the finances and be prepared!

Some astrologers are also very good at seeing what is coming economically, because they are very aware of the Law of Rhythm and the rhythm of planets. When they apply it with he Law of Correspondence:  “As above so below” – and their knowledge about the economical history in the World,  they can make astonishing predictions!

There Is No Life Without Rhyhtm

Definetely, there is no life without rhythm! Everyone can in their minds observe in their lives, what kind of a rythm they have. Isn’t it so that sometimes when you meet people who live in the total different rhythm than you do, it is difficult to co-operate? It is not only about the vibrations – it is also about the rythm that you and the other person has!

Astrology is based on the Law of Rhythm

Astrology is based on the Law of the Rhythm. For how long we have had astrologers? Some tens of thousands of years? Besides, there is not only one type of astrology, but several.

In India they use Vedic astrology and in the Western World we have Western Astrology. In Peru, they have Maya-astrology.

It means that our ancestors all around the world were aware of the Law of the Rhythm and investigated it with the help of the rhythm in the sky. The predictable movements of the Sun and the Moon and other planets tell us the rhythm of the nature.

Our ancestors also were conscious about the Law of Correspondence: As above so below. In this way they could make conclusions and start to make predictions about the weather and also about people’s lives and events. The predictability of the Law of Rhythm and astrology helped their life!

Many people do not know it, but the some of the great leaders of the world have used astrology as a help when they have made important decisions, for example Napoleon Bonaparte (I have no source, I remember that I read about this).

In old times predictions were made for survival reasons: they had to know when it was a good time for hunting, to sow and reap. To make the predictions the knowledge of the rhythms and the rhythm of the planetary movements helpd people to navigate in everyay life. Today astrologers can give hints when it is the good timing to sign contracts or to start a business, a time for introspection or to have a party. What they can tell, is vaste of variable possibilities from relationship-issues to finances! I knew an astrologer who had a talent to find out, where you have lost your keys or other stuff, if you just knew the timing of loosing the thing!

The Importance of the Universal Laws Contra Astrology

The Universal Laws rule astrology, not vice versa because astrology works under the Universal Laws. It is NOT the Law itself! . The astrological patterns in the sky tell us what kind of energy is available, but it is up to you how you use the power. It is the Universal Laws that tell you how you can utilize your power!

This means that finally, I don’t have to have contradictory feelings if someone asks: ”Do you really believe in astrology?”

There is nothing to believe in the Laws of the Universe, or in astrology. There is everything to know about them.

According to the Law of Rhythm, all weekdays have different vibrations. The Weekdays also have their planetary counterpart.

And When You Are Down, What To Do?

How have you survived during the downhill periods of times?

I think that we all have certain patterns for to survive from difficult situations. However, they might not be the best ways to go ahead! When I think what I’ve understood about the Universe, our purpose is to grow and expand. It must mean that the meaning of those lower seasons is not to put us down and stop our growing – it is vice versa! But if we repeat our habitual patterns and never find new solutions, we stay stuck. We repeat same patterns all over again. Yes: there must be several other solutions to go ahead!

Maybe you are used to borrow money from your friends in the bad situations. You have done so for decades! What if you next time decide to EARN that money, not to borrow it? How would it feel? Where would it take you?

You might see that you have gained weight quite a lot. It means that your healthy and physical conditions is in the downhill of your health rhythm. And you do the same kind of diets as you did the last time – the dieat just have a different names. Again, you’re in the rhythm of losing and gaining weight!

There might be totally other and different solutions to get another kind of rhythm in your life! Maybe, instead of concentrating on your weight, it would be better to improve your mindset – and from there, improve your physical condition and stay there – and go forward.

It is exciting to  know that for some people, low trends seem to be very shallow. These people know how to live with the Law of the Rythm! They refuse to let them go too deep down! They prepare, and then accept the fact that it is how it is in life: sometimes hig, sometimes low! They don’t spend their time and energy coimplaining about this natural phenomenon, the Law of Rhythm! They life with the flow, accept it and surrender.

Masters know how to rise abowe negative parts of a cycle by never getting to excited or allowing negative things to penetrate their consciousness. The key to success in mastering this law is in balance. Never allow your emotions to swing too far to the left or right. (source)