The Law of Cause and Effect – Doing The Right Things

Unless you do the right thing with yourself, the right things will not happen. If you are not peaceful, joyful and ecstatic, that meant you have not done the right thing with this life. – Sadhguru


The Importance Of The Quality Of Your Thoughts And Actions

Nothing happens by change or outside the Universal Laws. Every action has a reaction or consequence: We reap what we sow. (source)

First of all, here we must understand the main principle of the Universe: All is One. I haven’t written myself about the Law of Divine Oneness yet, but you can find a good explanation for it here: The Law of Divine Oneness.

When we understand the combination of The Law of Oneness and the Law of Cause and Effect, we can also understand that there is nothing you can hide. All your thoughts, actions, words and movements have an effect in the Universe, not only in your home, workplace or city. Of, course, you can do anything inside your home and think that nobody knows. Anyhow, the energy you put out comes back to you where ever you are, alone or with others.

Doing the right things give you the right results.

This is also one reason why wise people advise us to think good and to do too good deeds even when we are alone. This is a reason why we must treat also ourselves nicely and lovingly! When you hurt yourself you put quite a bad energy in the air! When you love yourself, you give good to everyone else, too!

I feel that the Law of Attraction attracts things to us but it is the Law of Cause and Effect, that you utilize when you decide how do you react or respond when you meet those people and events that you have attracted! In each situation, you choose by your thoughts and actions what you want to get back.

Treat others as you like to be treated! Give others what you want to have!

Cause To Love Yourself Has An Positive Effect

When you think about the Law of Cause and Effect, isn’t it clear why it is so important to love yourself? Can you also see, that the better you treat others, the better you feel because you get back what you give!

You can attract nice or not so nice people and events but then: by knowing the Law of the Cause and Effect you can choose what kind of results you want to get and act accordingly.

Often, it is difficult to act in a good manner because it demands the solid consciousness in each situation, and also the ability to be in the control of the emotions. We can see in the news that most people react, don’t respond, and there is a chaos instead of serenity.

This world needs people who love themselves so much that they want to get good feedback from the Universe! The good news is, that each of us can develop the skills that help us to make better choices and respond instead of reacting.

In this light, it is easy to understand why self-love is so important and why all wise people, teachers and coaches talk about it!

If We Are All One, Why Some People Feel Lonely?

If we all are one, how it is possible that some people feel so lonely? I have also felt that I’m separated from the world. Now, I understand that it has not been the case and it is not even possible to be separated. The insight I’ve got when I read about the Laws of the Universe, is eye-opening!

From this point of view, loneliness is not real. I think now, that loneliness is the effect of what you have put into to world. People who feel lonely, have caused the effect “loneliness” by their actions. For some reason, they have the cause that has made them do or not to do something that is not working in harmony with themselves.

If you do not go out and meet people and talk to them, because you are scared or whatever is your cause – you’re lonely! It is so clear! People who choose to be alone are alone, not lonely because they have a different cause: they have made a decision to have space for themselves!

People who feel lonely must understand to break their paradigms, break their walls and add woods to the fireplace, so to say, take action to the other direction! It might be their life’s lesson! The fact is that nobody else can do it for them. They must do it themselves.

At any point, nobody is separated from the Oneness.


The Most Common Effects: Rewards And Punishments

We can understand the Law of Cause and Effect in the context of punishments and rewards. ”If you do this, you get this punishment or reward” – is the normal way to use the cause and the effect.

This kind of cause and effect functions in quite a facile level, because there is so much hindered included! The person who gets the reward or is punished has already taken some actions that have had their effects. The best reward of the work well done is the inner joy and satisfaction. The worst punishment of the mistake someone does is a bad feeling. In people’s lives, the cure is forgiveness and then actions to make corrections to the situation and to the future actions, too!

The person who gives the reward or the punishment is the co-operative part of the wholeness. What has happened in his or her life that he or she is in that situation, doing what he or she is doing? If the person unfairly throws his anger or frustration as a “punishment” to the other person, he/she will not probably get very good results in his / her life. After all, all dictators and bad-doers are killed or in jail in the end of their dominance!

I am not quite sure about the effectiveness of punishments in the form as they are handled now. It is the Law of Cause and Effect that gives the response anyhow. The human mind can not understand all that is connected and can make unfair assumptions.

The Lesson My Cat Gave Me

For example, my cats are very good teachers to me: My boy cat started to pee on my couch and carpets some and then. Do you think that I liked it or that it was a right action on the cat’s part? Not at all. I can choose to be angry and punish the cat – which is not recommendable because the cat won’t understand it – or to do something else: to find a solution. I had to find the cause why he’s doing it sometimes. I found out that he is picky what comes to the sand of his toilet. The cause to the cat’s misbehaviour was that the sand was the wrong kind and sometimes too dirty for him and the effect was that he peed on my couch. Well, quite a demonstration!

But also: What if I punish the cat? Then I would give a cause to a continuous cause and effect- cycle that I can not predict but that would probably make things worse. This same happens with people: When we give punishments or revenge other people just like that, we start a cause and effect – a cycle that is not good at all. Of course, you can create the cycle with happy and joyful actions!

Sometimes it feels that we treat our pets more patiently than our children or other people! If we could find as patiently causes for people’s as our pets mistakes, errors and wrongdoings, and make corrections instead of the rash punishment – how would things turn around? Actually, we would notice that the thing that we thought is a “wrong-doing” is not so wrong as we thought!

If I Do Nothing, There Is No Effect – And I Can Escape?

If you think that when you do nothing, it has no effect, it is a wrong conclusion. When you do nothing – or you think that it is nothing – it is perhaps the worst you can do to yourself and to others, because it basically breaks all the Laws of the Universe or effects, everyone, negatively.

When you do things that other people want you to do, it is as bad as doing nothing. I have experienced this very deeply in my life. I a lot of things that other people wanted me to do – but was unhappy. People wonder: Why are you so unhappy? Everything is fine in your life!

No, it was not so!  I did a lot – but I felt that I had done nothing. And it is true: I had done nothing because I hadn’t done what I am supposed to do in this lifetime. The effect was unhappiness! What was the cause? Maybe, the need to please parents. Maybe, it was the fear to take action and stand on own feet. Maybe, it was laziness… Well, they say that everything happens for a reason.

What is the cause that gives you the effect of unhappiness or sadness or some other not so nice feelings? What can you do to make the correction?

The choice what you do or not do, think or say, has an effect in your life and in the life of others as well. That is why it is important to do things that you love to do and think a good thought and say good things. Every wise man asks us to do so!

The worst thing you can do is not to use your talents and your potential because it has the worst effect in your life and other people’s lives.