The Universum Talks to Us

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.

– Peter Drucker –

The Universe is mental. It is made of thoughts and words. And then they turn to the tangible things that we can see. Seldom people think that a book or a movie is a result of the energy of the thought – and in that way, it is the result of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Mentalism working. We are doing many things all the time following the Law of Attraction but they seem so mundane that we don’t pay attention to them! But, without the thought, there is no books, no blogs, or anything!

Love In The Air

Recently I’ve started to feel and see that where ever I go, I get messages. One morning I was on my way to the yoga-lesson. I felt a little down for some reason. The weather was grey, it was raining a bit. But then, on my way, a yellow sticker, that was on the cover of the motorcycle that was parked, waved me: “Berlin loves you!” it said to me. “I love you too, Berlin.” I smiled my self, and I felt better right away.

Progressive Realisation Of A Worthy Goal

One message was extremely complex. I often go to walk to the park near me. The weather was sunny, no clouds in the sky at all! In the sky, I saw an aeroplane that steadily rose to the upper air. I could not help that in my mind I saw Bob Proctor in one of his videos, showing the rising movement with his hand and saying: “Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal or ideal.” The aeroplane was definitely going progressively towards its worthy goal, it won’t suddenly change the direction! I thought: Am I doing that now? Am I progressively realising my worthy goal? Are my actions aligned with my dreams?

There was also more in this living metaphor that I saw. Some of Diana Cooper’s angel cards had said to me to take things lightly and to eat healthy because I can not fly if you I’m too heavy! Of course: you are not allowed to take extra heavy luggage on the aeroplane. Oh yes, you can take, but you also pay the price! Spiritually, it means the mental baggage that you carry. When I saw that plane and when it flew I also asked myself, what it is that I have to do mentally to be lighter for to get higher?

As above, so below! came to my mind and I knew that this is a message for me. I think that the message I got told me clearly that everything is all right. Even the sky was bright, no clouds at all! I am seemingly progressing towards the worthy goal and everything is all right even sometimes it does not feel so!

Take it Easy!

Often, I  must laugh at the messages that I get. Sometimes I think that the Universum – or angels – are joking with me. Some weeks ago, when I left the grocery where I had been shopping, I saw on the desk some flyers. It was the flyer of the Wintergarten Berlin, about the acrobatics and rock&pop performance. On the cover it is a big text: Take it easy!

I had just been about to get into the downward spiral! And what that acrobatics mean? Yes, exactly; I am like an acrobat in my life now, trying to reach, have and maintain my balance!
On the flyer is also the text: The world seems to spin faster and faster – the wish for deceleration, purism and authenticity is growing.

It is just amazing how humorous the Universum can be! To tell authentically: Right now I don’t know how to take it easy. It seems to me that if I “take it easy”, I do nothing – and however, if I do nothing, I don’t make any progressive realisation of worthy or not worthy goal. How to learn to take it easy and act at the same time? Nowadays many coaches who know the Law Of Attraction talk about the relaxed mind! For to be creative and to find the right and the best solutions to your life’s questions you should be relaxed, not stressed and stiff!
More or less the flyer was a message to me. If it was not I would not have paid attention to it at all!

At the same time, I found another advertisement on the same desk where the flyer was. It was a travel magazine. About that, I am not sure if that is a message or not but what I know is, that I had just written to a friend of mine, that I’ll like to go somewhere where the sun shines. Thoughts turn to things! The Universum clearly offered me help: here, look here are those sunny places… My question is: do I let this momentum continue or do I leave it here? The Universum answered and offered help – it is my choice if I accept it.

Have you Paid Attention to how the Universum communicates with you?