Getting Rid Of The Blockages – And The Big Surprise!

Last week ,I concentrated utterly affiliating a program that has been helpful to me. I did not look aside when I learned how to do marketing. I never before thought that I do anything like it. However, I have decided to become an entrepreneur. They must know something about marketing. Ok: I decided that I learn marketing. I started my learning by purchasing and reading Joe Vitale’s Hypnotic Writing. Now I have made progress to learn the lessons of Frank Kern. HIS ideas made me thrilled! In his thoughts, I may find something that I can connect with and then make my conclusions.

Suddenly, I find that marketing is fascinating. I have to be in connection to people. And oh: there are so many things to learn! During the past week, the first time in my life, I joined Instagram and Twitter and studied how the Facebook works! A year ago I thought that I’d never do such things! To enter social media, write a blog and be present. Oh shit: what have I done!

My idea was to become a hermit. To earn my living in a way that I would not meet too many people. And here I am: making connections to all over the world and there is no sign becoming a sage that lives alone in peace on mountains with her cats. No, not at all: now I am tapped in the mundane world intensively. 

I have met interesting people, and the new world has opened to me. I wonder, how many new worlds there can be! I also learn English more and more. I choose to use English because of my native language, Finnish, is not so popular in the world. I can tell: I’ve lots to do! I used to practice creative writing in Finland. All words, expressions, allegories – I must find in another language. In this learning, writing a blog helps me a lot.

And The Surprise That I Never Thought Can Happen…

I find lots of reasons to be grateful. I have not told the best yet. I could not IMAGINE that this could happen. I met this person on the Facebook. Then we chatted. We found out that we both are architects who are sick and tired being architects! He also was the first one in my life who said, that it is not so cool to be an architect. He was the first one who let me understand, that it is ok to let go the occupation that does not match with my soul. He’s looking for the same thing! The Change! All the other people say: But it is such a good job, a good occupation! You just must do more meditation and breath intensely for to stand it – and be ”positive”!

This sentence: ”Be positive!” Has become a poison in today’s world. It is another story, how it is misused to fool people. 

What if the right solution is to acknowledge the facts and just to change your life!

We can be grateful for our education – there is lots of good in what we’ve learned. But we do not have to be stuck. When you find a person who finally sees your perspective because he’s in the same position: it is fundamental.