How To Free Yourself – The First Steps

People have so often a need to get free from something! To get free from a bad relation! To get freedom for to live in a certain way! To get the freedom to love! To get free from alcohol!

In this story, I talk about freeing oneself from the job. I did it some years ago. It just happened. The inner pressure to make a life change was so compelling that finally, I just had to do it!

If you want to get free from your job, my suggestion is, that you start freeing yourself using the freedom you already have!

Free Your Mind

I decided to become my boss myself. It means: I decided that I won’t let anyone determinate who I am, what I need or want or what I should think. It was all under my power.

You might wonder, why that was not the case before. No: many people don’t even understand that they are feeling other people’s feelings and thinking other people’s thoughts and doing what other people want them to do – and never think what they want themselves! I used to be like that! I used to hang on to my dreams and likes and what I thought other people wanted from me.

Now I can say: I assumed what other people wanted from me. It was an assumption, based on individual experiences. When I see how wrong people often are about me, meaning: their idea about me is their assumption, not knowledge – it is likely that my opinions about other people can also be assumptions. You also have opinions but know, that they are only your perceptions. What you think of me, is not my problem. What I think of you, is not your problem.

I was still going to my job and living as normal. However, I noticed that I started to be more initiative and determinate at work. I did not let my workmates’ emotions to affect me or my decisions so much as before. I was not perfect, but I felt the difference.

You are always free to think what you want! This idea, when I understood it, thrilled me!

Try how it feels to think opposite of mundane thoughts. Instead of “bad Mondays” try to think: “What a lovely work week is for me! I have time for everything and all interactions with other people go perfectly!

Do Something You Like To Do During The Breaks!

It’s important to get fresh air for brains and thoughts. At lunch, I wanted to take a break from all talks and gossips and just take a half an hour for myself. Sometimes I dropped by an art gallery or a design shop, or a gemstone shop because those places gave me good energy. I love beautiful things. Looking at some design during the break was like a good dessert! I did not buy anything. I only enjoyed what I saw. Yes, and the electric shop and the hardware store near to my workplace were also my favourites! I like going to the hardware store to see all kind of fascinating equipment and materials! In the electric warehouse, I marvelled the newest inventions. Well, designed electric equipment shines so fascinatingly! Oh, how I like engineers who invented all helpful and sometimes helpful but useless machines!

This all gave me positive energy and good vibrations for to continue my work days.

 Meditate And Have Exercise

Ashtanga yoga gave a boost to my health. Mindfulness meditation opened my mind and freed some emotions. Once a week I meditated another kind of meditation with the small group after the working days.

I started to feel different than before. I think that I began to be quite sensible to know, what people were talking between the lines and observe the world and the environment. When you start to accept the reality as it is, the foggy explainings don’t hinder your sight anymore so much.

My work trip by the bus lasted 20-30 minutes. That was a good time to listen Deepak Chopra’s and Oprah’s meditation. I chose the Abundance-meditation!

During my spare time, I started to do more and more things I like. I took language courses and art lessons.

Later I understood that by these little actions, I was freeing myself even I still thought that I’d be working in my job until I get retired!

If you feel overloaded, try to find a small pause some and then and take it for yourself! Be free a minute or two!

Accept The Reality

The reality changes after meditation. When you start meditating and as in mindfulness, learn to accept the reality as it is, you see it. The reality I saw was not pleasant to me.

Why people so often think, that accepting something means that you won’t do changes? No no: first you must accept that you have a headache, then you can get the medicine! The same thing comes with accepting your reality!

The raw fact was that I knew that I had no possibilities to develop myself or go to the upper level in my workplace. I had an excellent job, a nice salary, nice workmates – everything nice – but I was stuck. I had tried to change the profile of my work, but not succeeded. It was all the time the same things! All the time. I was bored and frustrated. I was also already 49 years old. If I wanted any change in my work life and my life, to the positive direction, my only change was to stand on my feet. That was the reality I saw. Then, my friend and workmate, who was 13 years older than me, died accidentally. If I had 13 years time to live, what I’d do?

Do you accept your reality or do you hide it behind the fake positivity? Are you so satisfied that you don’t need to change anything?

Make A Decision About What Do You Want

When my friends found out my frustration, one of them suggested me to go to the mindfulness lessons! I said, that because of the mindfulness I understood my reality, very clearly! Beautiful words and pretending “positivity” did not change it. And as with a headache, I accepted that I was frustrated, that I needed a change – and it was me who had to make the change. It was irrational to expect that someone else would do the change for me!

So: in this way, it was a necessity to free me even more! In many cases, freedom is a synonym for RESPONSIBILITY. The more you want freedom, the more responsibility you get. But if the name of this blog were: “Tales About Responsibility.” it would sound too dull!

It is so comfortable to sit at work, safely, let some other people to organize the big picture and to take the primary responsibility. You do your tasks and then complain about boredom and that your salary is too low. If you want that situation to change, it is your responsibility to take action! You must know what you want.

One day, I made a clear decision and started to take tangible actions for the life change. I wanted to change everything: my occupation, my country, my thoughts and my feelings. Of course: the New Me would also be a perfect fit! I can tell you later what work is to change everything is! I got some surprises!

Hire A Coach Or Two

To free yourself is a process. It gets new dimensions all the time!

If I had understood, that all those small things I did in my life, were preparing for to the big leap, I had made better. I recommend taking a good life coach! I recommend learning a lot about money.

Money is a very important part of freeing. When you want to be free, it’s not the place to neglect money. If I were that situation with the knowledge I have now, I would learn more about money: how to use it, where and how to save it and even better: how to invest it! And I would ask other than my bank’s opinion!

But it has not been only this. My basic concept of money had to change! I tell you about it later, too!

I would also be wise enough to understand that only the opinions and advice that come from people who already have done what you want to do, matters. Most likely none of your friends or family members does not belong to that group. That is why their advice is useless, even disastrous for your plans!

I recommend hiring a specialised coach (do you need help with your relations, work or money?) even when you do not intend to leave your job. I was pondering my life far too long alone or with unqualified support. There are so many surprising things to learn when you start to carry a  responsibility for EVERYTHING. I mean: when you free yourself, it is better to know beforehand what to “be free” demands!

On the other hand: maybe a certain level ignorance is better than to know too much! You would start to be afraid the amount of work that freedom means and you would not do the change you want. To learn it all is the journey to freedom.

Fortunately, freedom has so many levels that you can choose – freely – what level is the best for you! It might just happen, that first you want it a little. Then a bit more. Then more…