Childhood Programming – The Story Of The Black Heart

Nowadays people talk about childhood programming. The new science has revealed how the early programming can cause blockages to people so that they diminish their lives, earn less than they could and live their lives in the anxiety. (Example)  And they can’t understand why their life is like that! (Example)

When I was a small child, in the early 70’s, children went on Sundays to the Sunday School. It was an event of the Church for under seven years old children. (In Finland, in my country, we have a Lutheran church.)

There, children learned the stories of the Bible. On one Sunday, the teacher drew a white heart on the board. She said that we have a white heart when we are born. ”But THEN”, she drew a black and ugly heart, pointed the heart with the stick, looked at us in the eyes and said: “Your heart becomes like ”THIS!”

Childhood horror – The story of the Black Heart

She probably also explained how we could avoid getting the black heart full of badness, but I don’t remember anything about it. Besides, I do not remember any other stories from that school. This story was the most memorable one. I was terrified. I was crying all my way home. I was appalled.

Every Sunday I went to the Sunday School to collect more and more sins to my list in my mind. Actually: I started to create it there! I was told every Sunday how wrong I am. I began my weeks feeling the heavy burden inside me. I started to understand I’m never good enough even it was unclear to me, what bad I had done. Every day, my heart would become a little bit more black anyhow, and when I am an adult, it would be automatically wholly black, damaged. And I can do nothing about it. I can only hope that someone saves me if I am kind enough.

The Sandman @Sanna Lahti 1996

Childhood Nightmares About The Fairy Tales

I got nightmares also about fairy tales, not only from the Sunday School. There was a movie of Hansel and Gretel on the TV. I simply could not sleep at all when the last sight in my eyes was the shot when Hansel and Gretel put the witch into the red-hot oven.

I listened to fairy tales and I did not also want any prince to kill dragons or monsters. I felt pity for the dragons and monsters, whatever they had done! It is very likely that children naturally don’t have any idea to “kill enemies”, to burn them, to shoot them, to wipe them out from the globe. I think that children want “bad” people to transform to be good ones.

Old Fairy Tales Are Like The Modern TV-News

Old fairy tales seem to be as the tv-news nowadays, causing anxiety and nightmares to people. What is anxiety? It is a heavy heart – a black heart!

Of course; Hensel and Gretel, as well as Little Red Riding Hood, are warning stories about paedophiles and other sick minded people. Unfortunately, as far as I know, paedophiles don’t make any transformation in the real world. These stories are also warnings that something terrible happens if children are curious. The message was and is that the world is a dangerous place.

In this life, first, you are told to be careful about yourself: you get a black heart when you grow up, be careful! And then, no relief: also the outside world is dark and dangerous. Everything is terrible!

If you’re quiet enough; do not do, say or be anything, just be invisible and stay home and in the maximum visit the grocery behind the corner – then, perhaps, you are safe.

The Family @Sanna Lahti 2017

Six Years Old Me Did Not Understand Why The Evil Cannot Change To Be Good

Six years old me did not understand – and nobody told me – that the witch can refer to an evil man or a woman in the neighbourhood! For me, as I suppose it is for children in general, the witch was a witch, and the dragon was a dragon and the wolf was a wolf. It was terrible to see when Hansel and Gretel pushed the witch into the flaming oven! If that story was meant to be advice to be careful with strangers, I did not get the message.

Why in the fairy tale EVERYTHING could not end well! Why, in the fairy tales, good ones just could get the treasures they sought for and save their lives, but also the evil could change?

It is a fairy tale, not real life! Why people, who have the freedom to tell any stories, don’t open their imagination to the total lightness?

Are There Wrong People Or Are We Creating Them?

The stories also program our minds to believe that all differences must be wiped out without question. It is the case whether you’re looking the matter in the eyes of the witch or dragon – or Hansel, Gretel or Little Red Riding Hood. It is the opinion whether you see the life from the East or West, form the North or South. Whatever, the lesson is that something that is different is dangerous. In some cases, men are doing everything to diminish women as they were enemies or vice versa. There is no understanding to negotiate or to find peaceful and constructive solutions.

Head in the clouds @ Sanna Lahti 1994

Free From Childhood Programming!

Well, it takes some time to get free from all of those dangerous views of the tv-news and other stories. So many people suffer from anxiety! No wonder, why!

Then, you get emotionally so sick that you must pay for the therapist or several self-development courses and ask them to help you to get free from your burdens! Healers of all kinds explain to you that those mantras that you have listened to weekly all your life are not right. You must replace them with other mantras that tell you that you’re enough: You are important. You are lovable. They say that you must believe in yourself and respect yourself or it is quite hard to go on in this life. They also tell that there is light in this world! They show us that we can make choices how we think and feel.

When we’re adults, we do not have to believe everything that someone says or has said to us! That is ultimate freedom! (Example)

Children can’t use their discretion. They don’t have it. They believe everything. It is so easy to damage children’s mind with depressing stories.

We’re Living In The Fairy Tale

We’re living in the fairy tale! Who has written this fairy tale? I think that we all have created it! Ironically, we all assume that we’re those good ones and ”the other” is the bad one!

It is the time to write new kind of stories and keep our hearts open. It is time not to scare our children to the death before they’re ten years old. Become the light for in the brightness there are no shadows where evils can lurk.

@Sanna Lahti 2002