Cast Out The Burden to Please People!

People, who like me, like me.
People, who don’t like me;
 Well, it is THEIR problem!


I cast out the burden to please everybody. Every day, I can learn more about the matter and become better.  There are always people who have DECIDED to discard you and even discrete you whatever you say or do! On the opposite: there are people who are interested in to join the conversation with you and to know who you are – and to know themselves!

Let wrong people go. Your life becomes more comfortable when you just let them go. It is unnecessary to try to change them or yourself. In this way, you give them the freedom to be who they are. They can meet people who are right for them. You also are free to be the person you are!

What Happened When I Decided To Become A Goal Orientated Person

I DECIDED to change ”the hanging in life person” to become a goal orientated individual, who has her passions in life. This small decision had interesting side effects! I evidently got something in my life that tempted some persons suddenly to be extremely helpful and interested in what was happening in my life! They had all kind of suggestions about whom I should meet, which group I should join in, where to find information, where to work, what I should do, what I should feel, think and be.

They did not listen to a word what I wanted. They told me what they would have done if they had taken a risk and just done it themselves!

What Setting Goals revealed To Me

When people do not have clear personal goals in their lives, they must be attached to other people’s plans and become like parasites. These people are eager to give advice, but they never put themselves in the position to take any responsibility for the results. They are not the ones who take the risk. But, if the win appears: they are there!

I Know Who I Am And What I Want

Should I ”solve” this conflict with this kind of a friend? To talk about the “issue” for hours and then decide that I must change something in my life to please her – or that she should change to please me? When the friend seemingly wants to take me to the opposite direction where I want to go in my life, I decide that it is better to let go! This kind of association pushes me entirely out of my tracks. Friendship is as any relationship: we both can be stuck in our friendship if we don’t aim same things in life – and if we are unable to listen the other part genuinely!

I know who I am and what I want. My friend does not have to tell it to me. Even when I don’t know it is my job to figure out! I want my friend to listen, nothing else.

Benefits Of Letting Go

The ”Letting-go-style” has one outstanding benefit: you don’t get stuck in anger because someone limits your life with her unfulfilled needs that you do not want to fill! You can take the distance and appreciate the person from there. They have a right to be who they are as well as you have. Now both are free to find the right friend and have a fulfilling friendship.

After letting go of someone, suddenly, more people who belong to your tribe, come to you. You do not have to change anything that you don’t feel is necessary. You must just learn to say: ”No, this was enough!” And you must bear some time so-called ”loneliness”. Then the more effortless friendships can come in!