Abundance In Mundane Day

 You pray in your distress and your need;
would that you might also pray in the fullness of your joy and
your days of abundance.
– Khalil Gibran –

Abundance surrounds us. As I saw last week in nature, in the Nordbahhof Park, (Park auf dem Nordbahnhof), all rose bushes and rowans were full of berries! It means a lot of food for birds and the small animals that are living in the area. It also says that many new baby plants will grow next year in the area!

Nimbostratus clouds. Photo: Sanna Lahti

Abundant Clouds

This week the sky is different as it was last week. The sky is never dull! Today, we have such massive, abundant clouds! Grey, featureless layers of clouds are so-called ”nimbostratus” clouds. They don’t look romantic at all. You don’t feel like to go sailing for fun when the weather is like this!

Sometimes you need time to withdraw or to do a task that is routine or not so imaginative. A cloudy day like this is perfect for that! And do you know what? The work means ABUNDANCE! There is no question: today’s clouds are truly abundant!

But I know the secret: the sun always shines. It is just behind the clouds! The abundance of joy and fun is here despite the clouds. Imagine, that we have both a lot of clouds and the sunshine today!

Abundance In The Grocery

My Thanks-Giving-Walk yesterday reached the nearest grocery. I am thankful for this grocery as I am for many others around my area. They sell incredible delicious bio-products! Soon after I moved to Berlin, I automatically turn to a vegetarian. During my first year, I ate “currywurst” and other meat. However, the beautiful vegetables and fruits in the groceries are so tempting and affordable, that the turn to a vegetarian and most of the time even a vegan was effortless.

Lemons and a pear. Photo: Sanna Lahti 2017

Hmmm.. What do I find in the grocery? Christmas is coming! Suddenly all the places are full of Christmas s chocolate and sweets. Peanuts, raisins, citron, cinnamon sticks, cloves, gluhwine, and everything else that we use for Christmas pastries tempt our senses and memories of the past taste experiences.

Learn To See The Abundance That Surrounds Us

At the end of July joined the Neuro Gym and the program Winning The Game Of Money. I wanted to find new thoughts for to increase my incomes and to do something important in my life. In this program, we have so-called ”innercises”. They are kind of meditations or hypnosis that are meant to rewire our brains positively. The meaning is to gain more self-esteem and other inner qualities that take us ahead in life. We learn to see all the opportunities and abundance that surrounds us and to take action for to achieve our goals.

In one of the first ”innercises” (audio subliminal meditation/hypnosis), we imagine that we are walking in the desert. It symbolises the normal life when we don’t see all the abundance around us. It often feels like we’re in the desert alone and thirsty.

My Abundance-Cactus Is Blossoming

But then, suddenly, we find a cactus! Then we know, that there must also be water, and water means life and abundance. Soon we see many cactuses, many opportunities! The opportunities are blooming as rose bushes in the Nordbahnhof Park, and then roses become the berries. After the berries, the following summer, we get more plants, more flowers, and in the fall more berries… Abundance is a never-ending cycle. It means receiving and giving, receiving and giving.

Well, after the first ”innercise” I started to see real cactuses everywhere as well as new opportunities to earn money. The first cactus to that I paid attention is on my balcony! I thought that is a symbol: I have all I need very near to me.

Today, the small Christmas cactus is blossoming.

The sun shines! Photo: Sanna Lahti

By the way: When I stopped writing, the SUN came out from the clouds and is smiling at me! I am rich!