The Meaning Of The Site Tales About Freedom

The meaning of my site is to share information about personal development for people who are interested in improving and transforming their lives.  I collect on my pages the information from the sources which I have found helpful on my way to transform my life. On my posts I tell about my insights and what I have learned.

Photo: Sanna Lahti 2017

About Me

My name is Sanna Johanna Lahti.
I was born in 1965 in Oulu, Finland.

By my education, I am an architect. Travelling, writing and reading belong on the scene of my life. I am eagerly learning new things all the time, for example, how to make web pages and write a blog! Self-development is an eternal project!

Most of all, I like beautiful things in life! I appreciate nature, friendly people, fascinating cities and environments! The design, fashion and the taste of delicious food delight me! I am also apt to think a lot, and that is why I must write!

I used to work in the small and the big architect offices in Helsinki.  A long time, my dream was to get experience how it is living abroad and in the big city and start finally to do what I love to do. I sold my flat and moved to Berlin, for to experience city life in one of the fascinating cities in Europe!

First of all, I want to work as an entrepreneur. That is why I am continuously learning new skills and on my way to freedom.

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

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