Thank You For The Encouragement!

Correction does much, but encouragement does more.
– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe –

The encouragement can have many meanings depending on the personal interpretation of the word. In my post I mean by encouragement: Encouragement is helping the other person to grow and develop into the individual he/she wants to be.

Individuals who have encouraged me most on my life’s journey don’t know me at all or not very well.

Parents and friends often mean good, but in the situation, when you want to change your life and do something different than before, they are not the right people to “encourage” you. Most often they courage you to be a person they like you to be, not who you like to become. I feel that many conflicts and breakups could have been saved if I had understood early enough, that to expect “encouragement” from friends or parents in situations when you have made your mind to do something fundamental in your life, is too much demand.

They can only be present. They don’t have to encourage anything because they can not. Yes, they can try: If you require encouragement from them, they give pieces of advice that are useless, because they have not done the thing you’re going to do. Or they don’t have that inner experience that you’re going throw. When I think about spiritual freedom, it is their right to be so ignorant about your inner life. Their job is to care about their own goals and feelings and inner self; it is not their job to uplift you all the time. They don’t need to give advice. They don’t need to understand you. They don’t even have to accept or appreciate what you do or how you feel. You do and feel anyway – and they still are your friends and parents. Thank them being who they are!

Photo: Sanna Lahti 2017

The encouragement is trusting in, that you get where you want to go. Encouragement is believing in you even if you fail. Encouragement looks into the direction where you want to go, not to the opposite direction.

Where To Find Encouragement?

I have just recently understood that when you need encouragement, it is the best to go to seek a mentor, a coach or to read a book or look some uplifting videos on the YouTube. When I think the people who have encouraged me, I have found them on books, seminars, and on the Internet. They do not know me, and they don’t have any personal idea of what kind of person I should be for to please them. These people just share what they have learned about the subject you want to learn and encourage you with their knowledge.

Today, I am thankful for all those who don’t even know that they have encouraged me! I feel thankful for them because I have realized how important it is to get some encouragement some and then. But everyone has to dig the encouragement from thyself. I think that no amount of support help if you are not able to be courageous yourself. You must be courageous yourself.  Do you need a reminder who says: “Don’t you remember? You are capable! You can!“ Those reminders are people who have skills to encourage and mentor you.

Know Yourself By Astrology

Astrology has played a big part in my life. It was the first “self-help” things I found in 1990 and since then, I’ve used it in my life for to understand myself and my life. I am thankful for many astrologers who have given me fundamental insights about life, the world and about myself! In Finland, astrologer Seppo Tanhua arranged many important workshops. He talked not only about astrology but the Law of Attraction. He also showed us the movie “The Secret.” He told and taught us many things that I only later really understood when I read my notes from those seminars again! Kirsi Halla-Seppälä is another Finnish astrologer who is very intuitive and deep and does also energy work. Her workshops were valuable to me because they truly deepened my understanding of myself. The astrologer Johanna Vilen, who is also an artist, helped and indeed: encouraged me a lot during the difficult time at my work. She gave me the best encouragement I’ve ever got, the total trust me and my abilities! Later, when I had moved to Berlin, I found astrologers Kelley Rosano, Barbara Goldsmith and Pam Gregory on the YouTube. Oh dear, they give you energy! I must also mention Liz Greene and the whole organization, because I met the astrologer’s of that organization, like Markus Jehle, in the Astrology Zentrum Berlin. On the Vedic side, Vedic astrologers Kapiel Raaj on the KRSchannel and Joni Patry expanded my mindset to the new levels. I can’t forget Mikko Heikkilä. In upon a time, I called him to ask how he did his life change. He is a highly educated man who left his regular job and started to work as a Tarot-interpreter and a yoga teacher. He is still alive. I mean with this, that the change IS POSSIBLE and nothing bad happens! People do not get ruined because they change their life! He suggested me to join the small meditation group once a week. So I did.

Encouragement For The Body, Mind And Soul

Wayne W. Dyer’s books have been on my bookshelves a long time! I must say, that even I thought that I understood him before, I did not understand clearly. I have recently got new points of his teachings that I did not see before. But from the beginning, he has been encouraged to listen to your own heart instead of only the mind. Oprah is influential! I was listening to her success tips some months ago and picked up advice: “Keep your cup full, or you have nothing to give to others!” It is so true, and I decided to follow that advice.

How did I find Deepak Chopra, was funny. I was still living in Finland. I had applied for a work trip to Berlin, and I was searching a map of Berlin in the big book store. I did not find a good map of Berlin – I found the book of Deepak Chopra: The Book of Secrets: Unlocking the Hidden Dimensions of Your Life. I have written on the first empty page: “Because I did not find the map of Berlin, I bought this book from Stockmann. 1.9.2011.”

The co-Incidence or not, it happened that my application for the trip was not accepted because it was too colourful: I had put on a form a picture of the German flag, a map and the picture of the advertisement where was a text: ”Berlin is in!” to make the form look more interesting. I could not resist that advertisement because it was hanging on the wall of our big and old Mall Stockmann. Berlin was the theme of that time there! And I was at that moment planning malls! So, I took a picture and added it to the form.

But in the opinion of my bosses, my application did not look official enough. No way! My boss asked me to take it away: then I could get the money, 500 €, to a work trip Berlin for three days according to my plan. I was an urban planner and planned the city centre. I intended to go to Berlin to the research the change the Berlin Wall has done in the city structure and how those areas have developed.

I said to my boss that I take away nothing. If the reason is so superficial, that the content of my application is good – as it was – and only some small pictures are the problem,  in this case, I go to Berlin with my own money and on my own time and see things in my eyes, in the way I want to see. You know: if you go to the work trip, you see what you are told to see and someone else also tells you HOW to see. So, I decided to see Berlin just in the way I want.

Photo: Sanna Lahti 2017

Encouragement For Finding The Meaning In Life

By this far, I had got quite a lot encouragement for my self-investigations, and I got more and more pressure to change something tangible in my life. It hit the nail on the head when I decided, finally, visit Berlin in my summer holidays in 2014, and I took the book Finding Meaning In The Second Half Of Life of James Hollis, with me. The Finnish translation is: “Whose life do you live?” This book did nothing else than to encouraged me to think about whose life do I live: Mine or someone else’s?

I got, even more, pressure when I read the book The Top Five Regrets of Dying of Bronnie Ware. After nine months from this, I lived in Berlin. I came to Berlin and took ALL my money AND my furniture, and my cats, with me!  Before that: I got known the books of Deepak Chopra, Eckhart Tolle and Anthony de Mello (that Johanna Vilen suggested me to read). I also joined the mindfulness meditation, which was profoundly encouraging. My teacher was beautiful Erja Lahdenperä. Of course, I then read also Jon Kabat-Zinn’s books. I also started to practise ashtanga yoga. It was essential to me and took me entirely to the new level.

Nowadays I think that the Law of Attraction kicked me to Berlin. This city is a vibrational match for me! In the end; there were no person or circumstance in Finland for to be the reason to move: it was the Law of Attraction that made it happen.

But the change did not end after moving, it only truly began! I found Abraham Hicks. The first book I bought here and in the German language, was Wunsch Erfüllung (Ask And It Is Given), written by Abraham and Jerry Hicks. I also wanted to see her live. I started to wonder if I must travel to the US. But: surprise, she came to Roma! That was incredible! So, I went to Roma for to join her seminar! Then, more and more people came into my life, mostly through the Internet! On the spiritual side also Sri and Kira on the Internet and YouTube have a place in my heart. One of my favourites is Stuart Wilde. He is extraordinary! I wonder why I did not find him in the 80’s? Why now, when he is already gone! But he lives in the videos and books! I like a lot his rebellious spirit.

Encouragement For The Becoming Entrepreneurship

Finally, I started to look support more for my tangible work than only for my inner self.  I joined Escape Plan of Isaiah Hankel. The name ”Escape Plan” is compelling to me and besides, I like a lot his well made short, two or three-minute videos. In such a short time, he gets the point, and asks us to ”live like a lion!” One day I was listening to Dr Bruce Lipton and again, got new information that was very very delighting! He is wonderful. Because I needed to reprogram my mind and start to live the “life of my plan” that I was intended to do, I joined John Assaraf’s Neuro Gym for to get the sense to my finances. He has a very good programme that focuses exactly on the money: Winning the Game of Money. Definitely. I decided to win the game, so I joined! Money is very important for freedom and that is indeed a thing that you can not neglect. And then, I found Bob Proctor: he is strong. He is extraordinary! He’s mesmeric and has over 50 years experience of coaching people! Dr Joe Vitale inspires me a lot since I clicked the first time play button on the YouTube for to listen to him, and especially in writing. Writing has been my hobby forever. I write about six books per year. But they all are in my drawer because they are my diaries. Joe Vitale’s character is fascinating, I like his sense of humour, and he is extremely productive! I enjoy to see every time, what has he created this time! The combination of all these people encouraged me to write this blog – and what else! It is to be seen!

I Moved To The New World

I close the circle: my astrology teacher in Finland represented The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne, to me. From the movie, I remember only the message, not any names. The names were strange to me.  These people live somewhere far away, behind the Ocean. Now they are people who are the most apparent on the scene of my life. There are also increasing numbers many other inspirational people; Louise Hay, Tony Robbins, Infinite Waters (Ralph Smart) Teal Swan, Diana Cooper

I am thankful for them. I am thankful that they have chosen to do the work they are doing. I don’t understand how I could have managed without my mentors’ books and videos and programmes! There are no people in everyday life who would be at the same skill and knowledge level then these pioneers. The more I’ve studied and evaluated the work of my ”mentors” the better I understand how useless it is to expect true encouragement from my friends or relatives, bosses or workmates. This idea makes me ready for forgiveness and feel free. I see clearly that I have intuitively ”met” people, who help me to be who I want to be and to be free, that is my ultimate goal in life. I can not be anything else than thankful!

A long time, my dream was to have an experience of living abroad, just for the expansion of ideas and thoughts! When I finally moved, I thought that I am alone. But soon, thanks for the Internet, I saw that I am not alone at all! Actually: I didn’t move only to another country. I moved to another World.

Thank You!